Perfectly Imperfect

SHE is Carm @upandlifting

“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging”- Brene Brown

We are in constant competition; against time, energy, space, others and ourselves. Sometimes it feels like we might not even be moving anywhere. Running ferociously in one spot.  Mentality, and emotionally drained trying to keep up with the external perfections. Sunday rolls around and suddenly we feel like we need to put on our superwoman costume “I MUST get all the laundry done it’s Sunday evening and I still have three loads left to do!”

All in presuit of what? If the last three loads don’t get finished will there still be something to wear? Yes. The better question is, in the last week have I taken a single moment to just be in the moment? Often times the answer is no. From the gym, to work , from work to the soccer field; from the soccer field to the kitchen; from the kitchen to homework, to baths, making lunches, and folding the laundry left in the dryer from Sunday evening.

We are not defined by any of these things or how they get done, or better yet, how well they get done. This is only if we choose to allow this to happen. So, lets step back from all the expectations of the day. What it means to be a mother, sister, employee, wife, friend, volunteer. Strip all those label away because they were already chosen for us. What is left? Who is SHE? Who is Carm?

Well, I am all of those things; but significantly I am up and lifting an everyday women balancing life in the most perfectly imperfect way. If we all had it together as we like to make it seem we wouldn’t be needing anything more in life. I choose to recognize that I sometimes don’t have it all perfectly in order and why make it seem that way. I know and certain that I am not the only mom out there who forgot to send in the permission slip that was due yesterday, or had to grab dinner for the kids out instead of at home because I signed them up for 5 activities a week.

Life is real and moves quickly if we aren’t paying attention. Perfection isn’t inspiring. We all need to see the realness of each other and the truth of what it means to give our 100% everyday regardless of the outcome. I know that I am inspired by how the amazing women in the community deal with the imperfections. I know I am not alone; we should all know this and lean on one another to rise each other up to our greatest potential.

And that is where my passion grew from… Seeing the courageous women in my life take risks and do what they love. I am a mom and I identify with this first and foremost because a mom is many things to me. She is the one who bore me and the one who guided me. As a mom myself, I live for her, work for her and love her most, me and all over moms. When I am not at home I am also a mom in the office where I work for a women’s shelter, at meetings, when volunteering, teaching boot camps. My mom cap is always on as I guide and lead. I feel uniquely grateful to carry this passion with me as it allows me to connect with my own family especially my boys in such a deep way. While I am a mom all round and throughout I have allowed myself the opportunity to do what I love too and that is live a healthy and active life; attending the gym daily and volunteering my passion teaching boot camps 3 times a week.

While I have all these amazing things going on in my life and I am abundantly grateful; I wanted do more, to give more, to reach out more and connect with women like myself who have crazy lives with work, kids and many other obligations trying to hold it all together. 

I want women to know that it is okay to forget the meat between the two slices of bread, it’s okay to want to sleep in, if only for 5 extra min, it’s okay to be a few min behind schedule because really and truly the only person who is putting these pressures on us  is ourselves; and this is a huge disservice to all the amazing and wonderful things that we do as women. We are wired to be imperfect. It’s where we grow from and how we teach one another. The fact is we do actually have it all together, in our own way.

I started a blog to walk through this journey- I created it for me to start a journey in an area I am passionate about – healthy living – while at the same time, allow other women – all women – see that we all have our struggles…struggles to be fit, to eat healthy, to exercise more but MOST IMPORTANTLY, to love ourselves more.  Because the one thing I gave myself in ALL this beautiful chaos was time to love myself and positively take care of my health. Not to be externally fit, but mentally and physically fit in the sense that I am strong.

To be my best as the worldly mom I am, I need to have energy and strength. Not only for others, but most importantly for myself. When that is in place; when I feel well I am happy and want that to pour over into all the amazing lives I have the opportunity to share time with. Our body is the home to our mind and soul. When the body is well so is our whole being. 

When we gather ourselves and take a moment to stop and think about all the incredible and amazing things we do each day we can truly revel in the perfect imperfections of our lives. We are not alone in this. What you have felt I have felt too; and that is a beautiful thing. My perfect imperfections honour the courageous and strong perfectly Imperfect in you. 

SHE is a calm, kind, loving an inspiring soul! Thank you for sharing space and connecting. Your EXCELLENCE is your recognition for the beauty in the imperfections and sharing your journey to inspire others. As you continue along this path may your light shine bright reminding and inspiring those around you to take a moment and thank themselves for her imperfections; because they are perfect! 

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